13 Tribes of Ethiopia

Apr 10, 2010, 6 - 9 PM: 13 Tribes of Ethiopia, by Olivia Wyatt

Emily Harvey Foundation: 537 Broadway 2nd floor (corner of Spring st.)
From 8 to 9PM, M.V. Carbon will create music utilizing the audio tapes Olivia recorded in Ethiopia.

photo by Olivia Wyatt

About this show:

Emily Harvey Foundation is proud to announce a show that features Olivia Wyatt's trip to Ethiopia in 2009.
The documentation from the trip will be released by Sublime Frequencies this Fall.

"One night I took a mini-bus 12 hours north of Addis to witness a Zar spirit possession on a hyena-invested mountain. We left at 3 a.m. from Addis Ababa. On my bus there was a Muslim woman, a catholic priest, a six-year-old boy, and other adults. I fell asleep, but awoke at 4:30 am to policemen with guns at my window. Directly behind them, a mini-bus was completely turned over and the police were angry that we were traveling illegally at night, so they took us all to a tiny jail in the mountains and we were told we had to stay there until sunrise. Everyone was staring at me; they would look in my direction and whisper and laugh, or some just stared, even the police. I decided to just go and talk to the police. I asked them questions about their life and told them what New York might be like at 4 a.m. and the next thing I know, they let us go. The entire bus was chanting "forenji, forenji, forenji!" [foreigner]."

Olivia Wyatt is a photographer and filmmaker living in Rockaway Beach, NY. She is currently producing a 60 page book of images, a CD of field recordings and a 70 minute film of tribal music and dance captured in Ethiopia that will be released on Sublime Frequencies this Fall. She will be showing her polaroids, video portraits and projecting field recordings of music she collected in the Emily Harvey Foundation gallery space.

trailer for the feature
XLR8R article on Olivia's Ethiopia travel

M.V. Carbon is a Brooklyn based musician and artist. She is recognized for her unconventional approach to music and her use of tape machines, cello and circuit bent devices. She combines field recordings with samples built from guitars and analog synthesizers and has performed with Tony Conrad, Zach Layton, Aki Onda, Evan Parker, John Wiese, Alex Waterman, and with the dark wave duo, Metalux.
Her upcoming release of The Dislodged Perihelion is expected out on Ecstatic Peace in the near future.

M.V. Carbon Myspace
TV Cello Youtube

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