Vizusa Lp release event

March 7, 7 pm - Vizusa, LP release event
Emily Harvey Foundation: 537 Broadway 2nd floor (near the corner of Spring street)

Emily Harvey Foundation is pleased to announce an LP release event for Vizusa (Calder Martin + Caitlin Cook).

Marking their first LP release on the SERES label, VIZUSA will commemorate the 1000 copies of meticulously pressed vinyl records by making available customized alphabet editions of the LP alongside rare band artwork and other paraphernalia for this occasion.

Vizusa's work is not just cutting and pasting together the tune of the moment - they are molding their sound into something that is uniquely their own through trial and error of playing gigs and experimenting in their studio. Calder's loud yet sweet guitar sound hypnotizes the listener with its precisely distorted wildness and repetition of simple riffs, while Caitlin's wailing 'Claudine Longet gone heavy metal' vocal hovers above. It's a sound you can go inside and get lost in - just as the recordings by the Theater of Eternal Music from four decades ago - but more relevant to this moment.

SERES is the longstanding producer/distributor of CDs and LPs exclusively by the No-Neck Blues Band, beginning in 1997 with "Letters From The Serth" and continuing to the present.

Don't miss the live 12-string acoustic performance, as well as surprise special guests.

"VizUSA is the new psychedelic simple, hard: the rock and roll of Buddy Holly bare bones with the doors of perception jimmyin' and repetitious riff milkin' of Les Rallizes Denudes. The first time I came into contact with these dudes, Caitlin was wearing tight neon pink spandex pants and a white furry coat; she was surrounded by a bunch of scuzz-duh dudes in Paris, talking real French to French folks. Calder looked like he just dropped out of Alice in Chains and had his hair in a big momma hippie braid down his back. They were the nicest people I talked to all tour. They were playing with Excepter then; most recently I saw them with Richard and John from Sightings with Blues Control in New York, which was an amazing show. Look for the epic full length out on Seres ASAP." - Elisa Ambrogio (Magic Markers)

"You could sum Vizusa's music as hard, minimal, and addictively repetitive, but indulging in the full album will reveal a more complex, satisfying mix of styles...All in all, one wishes Vizusa's eponymous album was longer, but the record provides a clipped hypnotic experience which will impel the listener to seek out live performances, where abundant repetition and schizophrenia can fully unfurl." - Other Music

Special thanks to Emily Harvey Foundation and Christian Xatrec for their continuing support of often difficult and hermetic areas of cultural productions.
Emily Kreis Harvey was a New York gallerist known for her warm support of the international avant-garde community particularly Fluxus and Intermedia artists.

For press or sales inquiries please contact Calder Martin at
About the event please contact Taketo Shimada at

Click here for the Album Press Release

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The evening is organized by Vizusa and Taketo Shimada

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