Tres Warren / Umbra(Tent)

May 16, 6 pm - Tres Warren, Umbra(Tent)
Emily Harvey Foundation: 537 Broadway 2nd floor (near the corner of Spring street)

Emily Harvey Foundation is pleased to present a sound piece by Tres Warren - Umbra(Tent).

Untitled(How Many Bread...), the focus of the installation, is a surround sound piece based on a street field recording and a series of recurring synthesizer loops that unfold through a hazy trajectory, at once chaotic and meditative.

For the presentation of this piece, Warren has constructed a hand sewn large scale refuge resembling a tent, out of fabric and other found objects. Other sculptural and collage works will be on hand as well.

Tres Warren is involved in various music and art collaborations including the bands Psychic Ills and Messages, and has participated in several group shows. He received a grant in 2007 from Harvestworks' Artist-in-Residence program that has provided for the mixing/presentation of this piece.

Special thanks to - Harvestworks and Carol Parkinson for their kind support of this evening.
Emily Harvey Foundation and Christian Xatrec for their continuing support of often difficult and hermetic areas of cultural productions.
Emily Kreis Harvey was a New York gallerist known for her warm support of the international avant-garde community, particularly Fluxus and Intermedia artists.

For more information about the event please contact Taketo Shimada at

Psychic Ills - Psychic Ills Myspace Messages - Live at Roulette w./ Jeff Perkins

The evening is organized by Taketo Shimada

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