the Emily Harvey Foundation, 537 Broadway (near Spring St.)


April 10, 2009 - 8 p.m.

-"Fact and Artifact" - 28 min. - HD video, -2008

This information collage contains vignettes from the Chelsea Art Scene's events including Exhibition openings of Willoughby Sharp, Shigeko Kubuta, a presentation by Carolee Schneemann among other art events + 2 songs by performers in Berlin, a visit to southern Arizona's desert, and Jonas Mekas talking about events leading to the acquisition of the 2nd. Ave. 2nd St. location for Anthology Film Archives while signing his book of poetry & Taylor Mead describing his love for cashews at the Pink Pony Cafe on Ludlow Street.

-"Who Killed Heinrich Hertz" - 7 min. - U-matic - 1987

In 1987 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Heinrich Hertz's discovery of the nature of electromagnetic waves, Willoughby Sharp, Davidson Gigliotti, & I produced the video "Who Killed Heinrich Hertz" based on the script by Willoughby. Davidson did the camera work, while I directed the scenes & the editing, & a good time was had by all.

-"The Neil Williams Memorial" - 28 min. - video 8 color.

The well liked influential painter died on a return visit from Brazil to " buy paints" in NYC. The New York art scene showed up for his memorial on April 1. His ashes were picked up from the crematorium in a paint can. F.Stella, J.Schnabel, Viva, Ultraviolet, Taylor Mead, Frosty Myers & other notables attended.

-"Endangered Species" - 14:30 min. - film on video - 2009 - music by Alvin Curran is mixed with pictures that sometimes relate to the music presented.

(1 or 2 very short extras.)


April 12, 2009 - 8 p.m.

Video Installation Exhibitions the Earliest & the Biggest 1969-2007

-"TV as a Creative Medium" the first group videoart show in N.Y.C

1969, Howard Wise Gallery - 11 min. - CV video recorded & edited on 1/2 inch Sony early equipment

This is a documentation of the New York first Video Art group gallery show,May-August 1969.on 57th.Street.A list of the participants & a narration was added in 2001 help viewers to understand the works & the show.

-"Vision & Television" - about a 10 min. excerpt - 1970 - half inch CV video

This is a documentary of the first group museum video art exhibition which took place at the Rose Art Museum in Waltham Massachusetts, January 1970. Present were Paik, Gillette, Schneider, The Videofreex, Stan Vanderbeek & others. Installations & a short part of a crazy panel discussion were presented.

-"Video Skulptur" - 29 min. - color video 8

A documentation of the 1989 group video installation show presenting circa 42 video installations exhibited at the Kolnischer Kunstverein & Dumont Halle in Cologne Germany in April of 1989 Paik, Viola, Campus, Beryl Korot, Les Levine, Schneider, Gillette, Lucier, Muntadas among others participated.

-"First Generation Art and Image in Movement" - Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid - 16:30 min. - HD video,2006/7

Circa 30 video installations,many single screen videos & still photographs. Among the participants: David Hall, Joan Logue, Jaime Davidovich, Joan Jonas, Gary Hill, Buky Schwartz among many others mentioned in Video Skulptur.

-"The Video Artists' Dinner" - 23 min. - digital 8 video - 2003

Videoed at the Emily Harvey Gallery,in the room where the screening will take place. Hosted by Davidson Gigliotti, video artists such as Doug Davis, Jaime Davidovich, Joan Jonas, Beryl Korot, EdinVelez, Paul Ryan, Members of the Videofreex & others attended. Willoughby Sharp acts as adlib Master of ceremonies. Pedro Lujan & Davidson cooked & Schneider Kibbitzed & sometimes videoed.

-One or two very short extras.