The Emily Harvey Foundation


Curated by Liutauras Psibilskis
November 6-22 2009
at the Emily Harvey Foundation, 537 Broadway 2nd floor, New York

The project is part of Performa 09

The Emily Harvey Foundation is the city's ultimate Fluxus space. It is where George Maciunas's late wedding performance was staged and where many of the Fluxus artists lived.
The project Roulette moves between a variety of media and time frames, presenting a dense collection of work original to and reflective of the Fluxus spirit: performances, performative videos, films, sound pieces, and photographs.

Roulette features a performance by Jonas Mekas and the band Now We Are Here, with special guests. Mai Ueda will host a dinner performance that will include contributions from fashion designers, musicians and artists. A new video installation by Michel Auder will be presented. Amy Granat, in collaboration with dancer Felicia Ballos, will show an installation that incorporates performative film, movement and light. Documentation of performances by Salvador DalĂ­, filmed by Jonas Mekas, will be screened, as well as rediscovered videos by Ultra Violet and Maripol.
The show will also include prints of the work by George Maciunas and the young artist Molly Gochman. By integrating the past and present, the artists in the show make visible the flux of time. The viewer will be presented with a variety of concepts and beliefs, past and present, all related to the idea of a performance and game. Roulette reflects on the risk-taking and possibilities of contemporary reality, marked by its gambles and potential rewards. The project will change with each successive event; as one event closes, another will open.

Co-produced by Outpost New York DCG
Supported by James Gallery, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Intern: Peter Staples


Friday, 6 November, 9-10pm Jonas Mekas with friends and the band Now We Are Here, featuring Jonas Mekas as the lead singer. The performance includes surprise appearances by special guests.

Tuesday, 10 November, 7-9pm Presentation of performance documentation and performative film. Rarely seen work, addressing themes of gaming, transmutation, cross-dressing and the changing of social and gender roles, by George Maciunas, Ultra Violet, and Maripol, as well as filmed documentation of Salvador Dali's performances in New York by Jonas Mekas.

Saturday, 14 November, 7-9pm A Family Dinner in Parallel Universe by Mai Ueda and her friends. Ueda invites a selection of her friends: musicians, fashion designers, and artists to perform, dine and play music; to be watched by the audience as if they were a family in another universe. A neo-Fluxus event recalling the 1971 dumpling dinner staged by Maciunas in SoHo.

Sunday, 15 November, 7-10.30pm Innocence in Extremis by Amy Granat in collaboration with dancer Felicia Ballos. Collaboration between extreme cinema and dance: a variety of moving images and a simultaneous dance performance playing with light, darkness, sound, shapes and shadows.

Wednesday, 18 November, 7-9pm The Good Life, new video installation by Michel Auder involving the poets Kathy Acker, Julien Blainem, William Burroughs, John Cooper Clarke, Ira Cohen, Gregory Corso, Brian Gyson, Harry Hoogstraten, Jean Jacques Lebel, Gerard Malanga, Michael McClure, Giulia Niccolai, Ron Padgett, Adriano Spatola and others performing for an audience and for Auder's camera in 1979. On the streets of Amsterdam these anti-establishment poets have a laugh and enjoy THE GOOD LIFE. The installation constructs a performative environment and turns it into a new poem, using the voices of the poets and the video images in unison.

The Emily Harvey Foundation is a private foundation registered in the State of New York.
Contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.