The Emily Harvey Foundation

Mar. 11 & 12, 7 PM, Raw Proofs: Intrusions into a Visible City
by John Matturri

Emily Harvey Foundation
537 Broadway (between Prince and Spring Street), 2nd Floor
Telephone: 212-925-7651

Performance is free and open to the public.

Emily Harvey Foundation is pleased to announce "Raw Proofs: Intrusions into a Visible City," a slide performance based on photographs taken during John Matturri's Emily Harvey Foundation residencies in Venice, Spring 2007 and Fall 2009. During his wanderings through the city, the lagoon islands, and the surrounding mainland, he attended to aspects of the Venetian environment in a way that resists, though at times gives in to, the seductiveness that has made Venice perhaps the most photographed - overphotographed - place in the world. His more than 2000 photographic images construct an archive of the city that, collectively, reveals another face of this city, one that has become more difficult, perhaps almost impossible, to be seen casually. The overall project, "Optical Proofs," will create selective pathways into this extensive collection in the form of prints, bookworks, and image/text sequences. "Raw Proofs" presents an initial exploratory structuring of the collection.

Each evening will begin with a reception, during which an extensive segment of the photographs in this collection will be shown on a monitor in random order. The reception will be followed by a structured digital slideshow, consisting of sequences of images that collectively allude to themes that inform much of Matturri's work - perception and substance, photography and memory, images and their cultural context, and, with these photographs in particular, an exploration of the role that images have played in Venetian culture and history.

John Matturri has exhibited his photographs in New York at June Bateman Gallery and The Phatory. In the 1980s, he performed a series of slideshows, often engaging in improvised manipulation of the images, under the general title of "Circles of Confusion." He has also worked with John Zorn in collaborative performance of projection/musical composition. As a photographer and as a performer, he has worked with Richard Foreman, Ken Jacobs, Stuart Sherman, and Jack Smith, among others. In 2009, he was one of the co-curators of the exhibit, "Beginningless Thought, Endless Seeing: The Works of Stuart Sherman," at the 80 WSE Gallery at New York University. He has published essays on avant-garde film, photography, performance art, and the cultural context of gravestone and memorial landscape design. He teaches in the Philosophy and Film Studies Departments at Queens College.

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