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May 6, 7:00 pm sharp: Jean Dupuy, Video screening
Introduction by Kit Fitzgerald

Emily Harvey Foundation: 537 Broadway - 2nd fl, contact# 917.331.2960

The EHF is delighted to welcome Jean Dupuy and Olga Adorno to New York for the second time this year: this is a second rare opportunity to screen 2 historical videos seldom shown publically before: Chant A Capella (1978) and Artists Shorts (1979), both produced in New York at the height of the performance movement+ a selection of video performances from Artistes Propaganda (1979) and La Pub 1981 both produced by the Centre Pompidou, Paris.

Marking an extraordinary moment of collaboration among some of the leading artists of this generation, these videos capture a unique and radically interdisciplinary moment in the history of 1970s. In them we witness an intersection of means and talents, an organized series of actions and contributions wholly unlike the modes of collaborative practice that came before (e.g. in Fluxus) or after it (the broader field of Performance Art as we know it today). Moreover, it emanates from an impressively disparate group of artists who would bring this field of process, temporality, and incidental events into their respective artistic practices, which extended from music to the ongoing activities of Fluxus to structural film, to dance, and beyond.

Chant A Capella - Jean Dupuy, 1978 - Video, color, 31 mins
(Produced by Jean Dupuy & Davison Gigliotti)

with: Olga Adorno, Don Cherry, Paula Court, Jean Dupuy, Jana Haimsohn, Elaine Hartnett, Richard Hayman & Nina Lundborg, Julia Heyward, Dick Higgins, Gerry Hovagimyan, Joe Lewis, George Maciunas, Jackson Mac Low, Nam June Paik, Charlemagne Palestine

Artists Shorts - Jean Dupuy, 1979 - Video, color, 29 mins
(Production Defess: Jean Dupuy, Kit Fitzgerald, John Sanborn)

with: Olga Adorno, Olga Adorno & Augustin Dupuy, Mel Andringa, David Appel, Brendan Atkinson, Carmen Beuchat, Jaime Davidovich, Jean Dupuy, Kit Fitzgerald & John Sanborn, Jana Haimsohn (with Peter Van Riper), Julie Harrison with Mitch Korber & Jim Sutcliffe, Gerald Hovagimyan, Tom Johnson, Les Levine, Nancy Lewis, Jackson Mac Low, Tim Maul, Michael Smith, Tony Moscatello, Patty Oldenburg, Charlemagne Palestine, Stuart Sherman, Harry Spitz with Gerard Hovagimyan & Jonathan Zamet, Sylvia Whitman

+ A Selection of video performances from
Artistes Propaganda and La Pub - Jean Dupuy, 1978-1981 - Video, color, approx. 12 mins
(both produced by the Musée National d’Art Moderne-Centre George Pompidou, Paris)

with: Olga Adorno, Roy Adzak, Christian Boltanski, André Cadéré, Jacqueline Dauriac, Charles Dreyfus, Jean Dupuy, Alain Germain, Gérard Gasiorowski, Joël Hubaut, Emile Laugier, Olivier Lerch, Patrice Lerochereuil, Annette Messager, Jacques Monory, Jacques de Pindray, Wilfrid Rouff, Stuart Sherman, Claude Torey, Mogly Spex & Hervé Nisic, Ben Vautier

Photos (from top to bottom): Jana Haimsohn, Elaine Hartnett, Olga Adorno, Kit Fitzgerald & John Sanborn, Gerard Hovagimyan, Michael Smith

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