The Emily Harvey Foundation presents:

May 3, 7pm sharp
Jean Dupuy, Defess Productions

Screenings of Jean Dupuy's 3 collective performance videos produced by Defess Production (Jean Dupuy, Kit Fitzgerald & John Sanborn)

Introduction by Kit Fitzgerald

Artists Propaganda I - Jean Dupuy, 1976 - Defess Production (Jean Dupuy, Kit Fitzgerald & John Sanborn)
Video, color, 35'35"
with: Olga Adorno, Laurie Anderson, James Barth, Kit Fitzgerald & John Sanborn, Jana Haimsohn, Suzanne Harris, Dick Higgins, Pooh Kaye, Les Levine, Nancy Lewis, Larry Miller, Tony Moscatello, Don Munroe, Nam June Paik, Charlemagne Palestine, Richard Prince, Stuart Sherman, Zadik Zadikian

Artists Propaganda II - Jean Dupuy, 1977 - Defess Production
Video, color, 30'
with: Olga Adorno, Maureen Connor, Jean Dupuy, Kit Fitzgerald & John Sanborn, Jared Fitzgerald, John Giorno, Jana Haimsohn, Elaine Hartnett, Pooh Kaye, Dicky Landry, Les Levine, Tim Maul, Tony Moscatello, Andrew Moszyinski, Lil Picard, Lucio Pozzi, Stuart Sherman, Michael Smith, Martha Wilson

Artists Shorts - Jean Dupuy, 1979 - Defess Production
Video, color, 29'
with: Olga Adorno, Olga Adorno & Augustin Dupuy, Mel Andringa, David Appel, Brendan Atkinson, Carmen Beuchat, Jaime Davidovich, Jean Dupuy, Kit Fitzgerald & John Sanborn, Jana Haimsohn (with Peter Van Riper), Julie Harrison with Mitch Korber & Jim Sutcliffe, Gerald Hovagimyan, Tom Johnson, Les Levine, Nancy Lewis, Jackson Mac Low, Tim Maul, Michael Smith, Tony Moscatello, Patty Oldenburg, Charlemagne Palestine, Stuart Sherman, Harry Spitz, Gerard Hovagimyan & Jonathan Zamet, Sylvia Whitman

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