Brain Damage on Broadway

Oct 25, 7 pm - Brain Damage on Broadway
Emily Harvey Foundation: 537 Broadway 2nd floor

Emily Harvey Foundation is proud to announce Brain Damage on Broadway, an evening of hypnosis, experimentaion and psychedelia organized by Taketo Shimada.
Jeff Perkins (Single Wing Turquoise Bird, who provided light shows to Velvet Underground, Grateful Dead and Dr. John to name a few) provides his first light show in thirty years with the hypnotic glistening sound of Messages. Caitlin Cook + Calder Martin of Vizusa effuse echoed out voice on top of distorted fuzzed guitar, along with large format projection reminiscent of Flicker by Tony Conrad.

Caitlin Cook and Calder Martin
The live dance and collaborative performances of Caitlin Cook are characterized by chaotic improvisational reactions to the moment and surroundings, as well as carefully designed surrealism. New York Times dance critic Jennifer Dunning has compared her to "a Pavlova swan" who "alights and disappears like a pale butterfly". John Rockwell (NYT) describes her as having "eerie charm." Cook is also an accomplished vocalist. Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth notes, "The exquisite Caitlin Cook lassoes your brain with siren improv-vox." Synaesthetic dimensions of Cook's dance are emphasized in collaboration with musician and visual artist Calder Martin. Martin's large format projections and guitar effusions rely on chance synthesis and choreographed layering of elements. Jennifer Dunning says of Cook and Martin, ".a compendium of suggestions about perception, illusion, and reality."

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Jeff Perkins
Jeff Perkins is a Visual Artist / Film Maker. While serving in the U.S. Air Force stationed in Tokyo, he met Yoko Ono and her husband Anthony Cox. Through them he was exposed to the works of Cage, Duchamp, LaMonte Young, et al. and began participating in events, performances and concerts.
In 1967 he moved to LA and began appearing in performance festivals, primarily at UCLA, organized by Joseph Byrd & Fredrich Liberman. He co-founded 'Single Wing Turquoise Bird', a multimedia group doing Light Shows for Velvet Underground, Grateful Dead and Dr. John to name a few. Jeff became involved with the painter Sam Francis who became a primary patron of the group; it was also at this time that he began filming Sam Francis. He continued to work on his own projects, exhibited and performed with Terry Jennings, Angus MacLise & Peter Mays.
In 1981 Jeff moved back to NYC and began exhibiting at Emily Harvey Gallery. His work 'Column' was exhibited at the 1992 Venice Biennial. His project 'Movies for the Blind' consists of audio recordings of conversations and interviews with passengers in a NYC taxi he drove.
He is now finishing up his new film 'The Painter Sam Francis'.

LINKS: Single Wing Turquoise Bird, Movies for the Blind

Messages, a duo comprising Tres Warren of Psychic Ills and visual artist Taketo Shimada. Their sound explores somewhere between drone, raga, techno and psychedelia - mashing guitar, homemade tanpura, voice, percussion, turntables and everything else they can get their hands on. On their first EP from The Social Registry, Dusted proclaimed ""This is some heavy, humid drone, pregnant with 4am electricity and, in the end, thick fuzzy beats. A beautiful surprise, engaging even in its abstract tendencies. Best record in the Social Registry's singles series to date."

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